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1. Contents of the web page
MOVEMENT SKIS (website's editor) controls and keeps the web page up to date. MOVEMENT SKIS does not guarantee the accuracy, comprehensiveness or quality of the information on the web page. All offers are without engagement and are a non-binding offer. The website editor reserves the right to modify, add to, and cancel individual pages or the whole online offer without any notice, as well as suspend an offer temporarily or definitively.

2. Links
MOVEMENT SKIS is not responsible for other web page content which are linked to a MOVEMENT SKIS offer. Example: hyperlinks. This applies as well to comments from anyone in the guestbook, forum, discussion, public web pages and mailing list created by the website’s editor.

3. Copyright and image / logo
The MOVEMENT SKIS web page content and structure are protected by copyright. Reproduction of graphics, sound recording, photography, films, video and text are not allowed without permission of MOVEMENT SKIS. This includes other supports or electronic publications.

4. Data protection statement
The protection of personal data is our prime priority when data is collected, processed and used. All MOVEMENT SKIS employees are subject to confidentiality. Hereunder, you will found some information about how your personal data is saved on our web page and used.

a. Social network – Facebook plug-in use
Our web page uses the Facebook social network plug-in, which is operated by Facebook Inc. (“Facebook”). You will recognize the Facebook plug-in thanks to the Facebook logo (a white “f” on a blue “square” or a white thumb) or a characteristic “Facebook plug-in sign”. The Facebook plug-in list and aspect can be seen at:
If you visit a page with a Facebook plug-in, your browser connects directly with the Facebook host. The plug-in content will be transferred from Facebook to your host and from your browser to the web page. We do not have any influence on this unique process, as well as on the quantity of information that Facebook collects. We can only inform you of our current information:
Web pages with plug-in collect all information about the visited pages. When you are connected to Facebook, Facebook can add the visited page on your Facebook account. If you activate the plug-in by liking the page, or if you leave a comment, this information will be transferred directly from your host to the Facebook host and will be saved on Facebook. If you are not a Facebook member, there still some possibility that Facebook records your IP address.
If you would like to have more information about the collected information and the use of it via Facebook, as well as your rights and personal data protection, please review the Facebook privacy policy:
If you are a Facebook member and you do not want that Facebook collects information when you are on our web page, be disconnected from your Facebook account before you visit our web page. It is also possible to block plug-ins with the software extension “Facebook blocker”.

b. Use, transfer, deletion or blocking of personal data
We only use your personal data to answer your requests, to fill out contracts concerning you, for advertising purposes or technical administration.
Your personal data will be not transferred or communicated to others, unless it is necessary to conclude your contract, for example: reservation or billing. Of course, your approval is needed.
Saved personal data is deleted, if you wish to revoke your backup data agreement (but only if the legal, statuary, contractual delays are not in opposition). And if the data is no longer required for ongoing transaction or for other legal reasons. Also in situation specified by law, the data is blocked and not deleted.

c. Right of withdrawal
You can revoke your agreement about data use and transfer at any time by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by letter.

d. Data security
We take all necessary measures to avoid that all our personal data backup is not released to third parties. With email communication, we cannot guarantee complete data security. Consequently, we suggest communicating with us via letter or phone. Information transferred via email is at your own risk.

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