SKI Technology

Movement skis has its own factory. Thanks to be owner, we have a great response capacity in research and development which allows us to renew our skis continually. We provide not only high tech equipment but we also value our worker’s input.
All ski construction steps are done in our own factory, thanks to the newest tools and machines. Our factory can handle even the most complicated ski construction. The team is composed of passionate, professional workers who are constantly able to give their best. Our objective is to anticipate skiers needs and to stay at the frontline of all specific needs able to satisfy the professional & amateur/enthusiast skier. All these points will not be possible if we didn’t have our own factory.



We only use wood cores that are certified FCS and PEPS (, Every core is chosen to match the type of ski being produced.


Our bases are top quality sintered bases with high molecular density. We use 3 different P-Tex bases throughout the range which are carefully chosen to match the individual ski.


We use three different thickness and profiles of the edge throughout the range. Rent skis benefit from a specific and wider edge.


VA-TECH • Vibration Absorber

A natural rubber layer which incorporates fiberglass is placed in the front of the skis to absorb vibrations.

ASA • ABS Shock Absorber

The ASA system (ABS shock absorber) is situated in the underfoot area of the ski to act as a shock absorber.

ASA • ABS Shock Absorber

A system of two fiberglass layers completely integrated under the bindings to guarantee a perfect anchorage of the screws.

DPRti • Double Plate Reinforcement Fiber & Titanal

A two-layer system - one with fiberglass and the other one in titanium (DPR Titanal) is completely integrated under the bindings to guarantee a perfect anchorage of the screws.

Double Titanal Plate

Two titanium plates are completely integrated (on the upper and lower part of the ski) in the wood core construction in order to guarantee stability and performance when skiing.


A new technology specifically developed for the ski touring range. A ski and its performance are characterized by weight and skiability. We have worked on the carbon filament as well as the fiberglass which surround the wood core. The main purpose is to find the perfect angle to optimize the ski performance.


2-Axis Carbon

This reduces weight and increases performance in difficult snow conditions. Partial torsion-resistant and perfect comfort in general.

5-Axis Carbon

To minimize the weight and maximize the performance in any kind of snow condition. More responsive with a high level of performance as well as perfect edge grip on hard snow or on steep slopes due to a torsion locking system.

100% Carbon

In complement to the combination of a mix of five high density carbon fibers axes on the ALP TRACKS range, a 100% unidirectional carbon laminate is put on the upper part and lower part of the ski. With this construction the torsion locking system of the ski is optimal and guarantees an exceptional glide in the turn and perfect grip even in very hard snow conditions, something few skis have achieved. There is also a significant reduction in weight.

Carbon fiber

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Nouvelle technologie spécifiquement développée pour le secteur de la randonnée. Le poids et la skiabilité restent les paramètres primordiaux définissant le caractère d'un skis et ses performances. Nous avons travaillé sur l'application de filaments de carbone enrobant le noyau bois et les tissus de verre ( dessus / dessous) en recherchant l' angle parfait capable d'optimiser les performances du ski tout en favorisant sa légèreté.

Spec CARB2axis

Carbon 2-Axis

Réduction de poids et augmentation des performances dans les neiges difficiles. Blocage partiel de la torsion et confort accru de manière générale.

Spec CARB5axis

Carbon 5-Axis

Poids minimal et performances maximales dans les conditions les plus variées. Plus de nervosité et d'accroche sur les neige dures ou pentes raide liés à un blocage torsion très important.

Spec CARB100

Carbon 100%

En complément des tissus mixtes verre et carbone 5 axes employés sur la gamme ALPTRACKS ou aucun compromis se doit d‘exister, un laminé 100 % carbone unidirectionnel est positionné sur la partie supérieur et inférieur du skis. Le blocage de la torsion du ski devient ainsi optimale garantissant un déclenchement de virage facilité ainsi qu' une accroche sur les neiges dures d'un niveau rarement atteint. Un important gain de poids se fait aussi ressentir.



CTS Light

The light cap ABS sidewall is unique in the fact that the ABS runs through the wood core of the ski. This acts as a form of reinforcement and reduces weight.


CTS Performance

We use this system to link the base and cap of the ski to the tip and tail in order to stiffen the torsion of the ski.


CAP Performance

This system is used to bind the base and top of the ski along the whole length in order to reduce weight in the Touring range.


CTS Performance Titanal

Two titanium plates are completely integrated (on the upper and lower part of the ski) in the wood core / glass / carbon construction in order to guarantee reactivity and performance when skiing. A perfect construction made for our mountain piste range.


Full Carbon

This is a semi-automated construction process. Part of the process is handcrafted, namely the weaving of the fiberglass and the carbon fiber layers. A special finishing process involves compression of the fibers to reduce weight. This construction is only possible for a limited number of series.




Shaped for hard pack snow. The tip and tail are traditional, classically-shaped which gives great carving qualities as well as ease of use and precision. The under-foot camber guarantees stability, edge grip and rebound.


Light Rocker 6-12

The Light Rocker tip has a grading from 6 to 12 depending on the length of the tip, all of which give great absorption of uneven terrain and variable snow conditions. Entry into the turn is effortless and progressive with these tips.


Rocker Touring

Our touring ski range benefits from a specific tip and tail rocker. These rockers allow perfect ski stability in difficult as well as extreme conditions. In addition, it helps when turning even with an additional charge such as a heavy mountain backpack. Perfect efficiency on all kind of slopes.


Full Rocker

Only the central part of the ski is in contact with the snow with a full rocker ski. This allows for easy triggering in comparison to a normal ski.


Twin Rocker Freestyle

The Rocker Touring has an exaggerated length and height of rocker on both the tip and the tail which allows the ski to pivot easily and float effortlessly in powder. The ski still has a good contact zone in the center with plenty of edge to keep grip and maintain stability at higher speeds.

Divers Technical Facts


The ALP TRACKS ski range has a handmade construction. Great care has been taken to optimize these skis. The carbon fiber on the lower and upper part of the ski respects the specifically developed parameters needed to optimize performance. This construction is only possible for an exclusive and limited series.


The base of the ski is finished with the latest generation of MONTANA machines. The ski base is like the motor of the ski. We place a great importance on the manufacturing process, which is followed rigorously in order maximize this elitist range. Our team then inspects every ski by hand and ensures that the final waxing makes them ready to hit the snow when they leave our factory.


Each colored element of the ski base is cut and inserted by computer controlled machines that are able to guarantee an unbeatable precision.


The majority of our skis are now equipped with a light ABS sidewall. An evident evolution in a market that is more and more concerned with performance. A perfect compromise between less weight and shock-absorption. We’ve reduced the thickness of the sidewall but placed it deeper in the wood core. The impact is significant without any decrease in function.