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Free yourself from the limits.





Get out the way.
Free your movements.

Since Movement Skis was created in the year 2000, the world has changed, mountains have changed, and skiing has evolved. Driven by a thirst for innovation and an independent production chain, Movement Skis is building the future of skiing. All of today’s models unite freedom of movement with autonomy in the mountains. Skis which adapt to everything, from ski resorts to long-distance ski tours is Movement’s mission. Reliable, versatile and efficient skis that love freedom, skis made for today’s world.


Sharing the unlimited experience through genuine, playful and innovative products.

During this year, a small brand just out of a cellar in Vevey was born. It was Wild Duck. Serge Baud and his associates created this brand of disruptive snowboards dedicated to snowboard enthusiasts. The adventure had just begun...


The Classic 100% Cotton T-Shirt is everything a t-shirt should be: soft, relaxed, and comfortable.

- Soft cotton jersey
- Short sleeves
- V-neck
- Machine wash

Our swiss design.

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