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Peace in Chaos - Thibault Magnin

Swiss-Spanish freestyle skier Thibault Magnin is known for his Switch triple 1080 and forward double bio 1800 in the snowpark, but due to the pandemic he had to find a way to stay in touch with the snow and keep skiing. What a better way than to flipped into the side and backcountry with filmer Borja Azurmendi.

Ski Movement - Movement - Thibault Magnin - Ski film - Ski backcountry
Thibault Magnin - Peace in Chaos - ©Borja Azurmendi

To find his PEACE in this CHAOS, Thibault was excited to push his skiing in a new direction as he usually spends most his time competing around the world in Big Air & slopestyle. He spent almost two months in the backcountry filming this project with his favorite pow ski! FLY TWO 105 are his go-to ski in the backcountry, floats on the powder and light for tricks, he uses them with touring bindings all day long skiing up and down with ease. FLY TWO were born to be different and their behavior in the most committed tricks make them impressive in terms of accessibility.

"As the pandemic hit, we all knew this was something big and we had to live different. For us skiers, it was a chaotic beginning of the season: restrictions, closed resorts, cancelled competitions, PCR tests and many more... but I needed to find my PEACEful moments in this CHAOS which for me was getting more in the Backcountry as we didn't have many competitions this year." - Thibault Magnin

Movement Ski - Ski freestyle - Ski suisse - Ski Freeride - Fly Two
Thibault and Serge (Movement's CEO) - New Fly Two 105

This project motivated him to bring his park backcountry ski into the big mountains while doing the craziest tricks on the biggest lines as you can see in PEACE in CHAOS. Not only he wanted to get out of his comfort zone, but he also wanted to pass a message that life is full of ups and downs, but these moments are part of the journey. Unfortunately, an injury shortened his project and kept him away from the snow for a while, but it didn’t stop his motivation to comeback stronger!!

Stay tuned for the 3-episodes series about his injury, recovery and road to Olympics coming up SOON!

Thibault’s answers

1. How did the idea for the film came about?

The idea came up because of the COVID pandemic, all the restrictions, closed resorts, cancelled competitions, we had to find a way to still be skiing. So we went in the backcountry, far from everything and it’s where I found my peace in this chaos of the Covid pandemic. And in the end unfortunately got injured which added another chaotic component.

2. What is the message behind it?

The message behind the movie is that life is full of ups and downs, and it’s all these moments is what makes it so special in the end.

3. How was the shooting and feeling with the FLY TWO 105?

My favorite pow skis ever! The FLY 105 are my go-to skis in the backcountry, floats on the powder and light for tricks! I used them with touring bindings, using them all day long skiing up and no problems, I took them everywhere with ease.

4. What did you learn from this peaceful time in this chaotic situation?

I was happy to push my skiing in a new direction, freeride & backcountry. Spending most of my time in the park competing around the world in BigAir & Slopestyle it was a real pleasure to have spent almost 2months in the backcountry filming for this project. It’s where I want to push my skiing in the future, bringing all my park backcountry in the big mountain doing the craziest tricks on the biggest lines! Unfortunately, the video should have been longer but due to my injury we couldn’t film anymore.

5. What was your favorite memory from working on Peace in Chaos?

All the deep powders days & couloirs.

6. Have you already planned new project?

Yes!! And movement knows it ;)) We are working on a 3-episode series about my injury recovery & road to the Olympics! The ender of Peace In Chaos is a little teaser for what’s to come. Stay tuned!!