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Simply. - Laurent De Martin

Laurent De Martin, Swiss freestyler, has been by our side for almost 10 years. On November 28th, LDM turned the big 3-0, and to mark this date he decided to offer his new film SIMPLY. to the public. Laurent De Martin has fifteen years of professional skiing experience, he competed in international slopestyle competitions with the Swiss Freeski Team for several years before focusing on film production.

Four years of work with the American production Level 1 and three years with Swiss director Titouan Bessire marked a new direction. It was the second project for Laurent and Titouan Bessire, after “Switzerland With Love”, they loved the work they did but wanted to do something more personal, local, and more simple. The film Simply took a significant part of Laurent and Titouan’s 2021 year because it is an independent production in which they both managed and directed together.

The goal of inspiring people to visit the mountains and enjoy these beautiful moments has been accomplished. Simply earned the “Best movie” award at the International Freeride Film Festival after a tour that included stops in Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Russia, and finally Switzerland.

Simply - ski film - ski freeride - movement skis

Summary of the film

Laurent’s new film follows a simple formula: 100% powder snow, beauty through the lines and shots chosen, and extra enjoyment shared with friends in his hometown. To realize this project, the crew skinned the Dents du Midi and Wallis region for ideal locations. Laurent and Titouan were backed by a group of local riders. We can find Victor Daviet, a French snowboarder, and Alex Chabod, Basile Bessire, and Fred Couderc, all of whom are Swiss skiers and snowboarders.

Why Simply.?

Simply was my second project with the director Titouan Bessire. The first one was From Switzerland With Love, in which we integrated a story & a lot of other international riders. It was such a big work for us as it was our first one. The story-telling was some big work as well as the organization. We had a lot of pressure to do it. In the end, we were really happy about it, but we wanted to do a second movie more simply, just the two of us with some local friends. After FSWL, the idea was to do a smaller movie with no story, just authentic moments & vibes, that represents us more I think.

Where did the idea come from for this story? And why was it so important for you to tell this story?

There is not really a story in the movie, just authentic moments with friends around home & trying to do the best esthetic shots we could.

Ski film - ski freestyle - Laurent De Martin
Simply - LDM - ©Ruedi Fluck

What is the message behind it?

Our message was simply to go out there around the house, shred with friends & spend some good times, whatever conditions. Our goal was just to motivate the people to go ski & tour.

What was your favorite memory from working on Simply?

Definitely the day at the hut, where my friend Numa cut my hair. The conditions were so bad & we were just waiting for the next day at the hut up at the Col de Cou. We were mostly playing Uno & building igloos with no expectation, but the next day was insane after a cold night. One of the best days of shooting of the season.

Tell us a little bit about the ski you used in your film?