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Our motto for this collection: technology at the service of multiusage. The success of the multifunctional three-use (bike, ski, climbing) helmet reflects the right choice we have done. One helmet for three activities, this also means less gear and a lower environmental footprint.   


We have improved our light and technical construction without sacrificing comfort, venting, security, as well as a refined and elegant product. All helmets have the new European safety standard, as well as an integrated sizing regulator. 


The shell construction is based on the in-mold or hybrid ABS/in-mold process.  

Movement Skis - Helmets - 3TechAlpi Wome
Movement Skis - Helmets - 3Tech Men Blac
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In order to offer the best ski/bindings combination on the market, MOVEMENT joined forces with trusted ski bindings brand MARKER.  


Recognized for its reliability and security standards, MARKER shares common values with MOVEMENT and allows us to propose an ideal match between the binding and the ski, in terms of design and compatibility.  


A variety of MARKER accessories is also available: stoppers, crampons, etc. 

Movement Skis - Bindings Marker - marker
Movement Skis - Bindings Marker - alpini
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Our poles are mainly made in Europe and are developed with a strong concern for quality.  


We selected carbon or high aluminum quality tubes with a blocking system to achieve the desired result: a light product for perfect use in the touring and freetouring sectors.   


We also offer classic poles in different versions, qualities, and diameters, which matches with our ski range: all-mountain, race, and touring. 

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To be able to propose the best grade skins, MOVEMENT chose to team up with ski skins specialists such as COLLTEX or POMOCA. 


Today a wide range of ski skins are proposed. From all-rounder references to ultra-specialized race skins we offer a specific ski skin for each of your needs.  

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Movement Skis - Skins - colltex-prorace.
Movement Skis - Skins - pomoca-climbpro.
Movement Skis - Helmets - 3TechAlpi Wome

To complete MOVEMENT’s offering, we propose a variety of additional gear. From specialized Skialpi packs and goggles to stylish tribe wear (hoodies, caps, beanies...) we have many other references in stock. Feel free to contact us if you’d like to get more information.  


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