To honor the historical collaboration with iconic rider Laurent de Martin and at the occasion of the release of his new movie “From Switzerland with Love”,  MOVEMENT is launching a first rider’s limited edition this winter.  


The LAURENT DE MARTIN LTD. Is an adapted version of the FLY TWO. It has been produced in limited quantities, with a unique design inspired by the movie’s universe.  


This ski is available only online or directly through Laurent de Martin. Purchase one now, you might not get a second chance!

Movement Skis - LDM Limited Edition - Fl


Dive into the unique atmosphere of Laurent de Martin’s beloved Switzerland. Discover breath-taking freestyle sessions or epic backcountry chapters with Laurent and his friends.


For more info on the movie and premiere tour, visit  

Movement Skis - LDM Limited Edition - Fl


Movement Skis - LDM Limited Edition - Fl
Movement Skis - LDM Limited Edition - Fl

The FLY TWO stands as MOVEMENT’s top reference when it comes to backcountry and freestyle. It’s been proof-tested and optimized over the years with Laurent de Martin himself to fit freestylers' expectations. The objective: become the ultimate ski for unlimited creativity.  


Initially designed for off-track and park, the FLY TWO also performs on any terrain or as a stylish after ski companion! Follow the link below to order a pair of LAURENT DE MARTIN LTD. online.