Meet the Alpinists

We are very excited and happy to announce our partnership with The Alpinists. They are a collective of ten friends who are passionate about photography, traveling, and adventure. Based in Switzerland, the Alpinists went from a bunch of friends hiking together into the biggest Swiss outdoor photography community.

As they gravel the highest peaks in Switzerland, we needed to make sure they can be safe and well equipped in all conditions they encounter in the mountains, so what’s better than to embrace the unlimited freedom of Movement with our ALP TRACKS Series. Agility, performance, modernity, the ALP TRACKS embodies the top range in high mountain skiing.

Movement Ski - The Alpinists - Alp Tracks
The Alpinists - Jannis Richli - ©Jon Guler

How did you guys meet?

A few of us went to high school together or later to grammar school. It all started when smartphones suddenly made it possible to take good pictures. In the beginning it was difficult to find like-minded hikers and we founded a Whatsapp group chat. We started hiking together and shortly got addicted to it. Later, more like-minded people joined the team and the group formed itself as it is now.

How did everything start?

Some months after founding this hiking chat, we got invited to the first big Instameet of a tourism company in Switzerland. After talks with people from other countries, we thought it is cool to share our adventures on Instagram with a collective account. This probably struck a chord with us, and we met many other amateur photographers as a result. Got along very well with some and friendships grew as a result. Together we have then founded our collective "The Alpinists" in January 2019.

Why “The Alpinists”?

Because we all have a deep connection to the high alpine! It is where we found our passion, where we feel ourselves at home and inspired, and something we all respect. Without the mountains and this inspiration, we probably wouldn't be where we are today.

How did your passion for photography come up?

Somehow everyone needed a passion to live out their creativity. The beauty of Switzerland played a huge role in it of course. Next to that, we got inspired by like-minded people and friends.

Movement Skis - Alp Tracks - The Alpinists
The Alpinists - Jannis Richli - ©Jon Guler

What are you most excited about in this new partnership?

Movement and The Alpinists are perfectly made for each other. We have the same interests; movement and the people will love to see this partnership evolving. For the moment we have been very limited in the Winter season as we didn`t bring the equipment it needs to follow our passion. Movement skis allow us to see our favorite places in a different season and spend more time outside. Also, it is a great opportunity to support sustainable and great Swissness and help you out with our craft.

What is your favorite spot in Switzerland?

It is hard to decide one particular favorite spot. We love the rough, unknown terrain where we can push our limits and surprise the people with fresh and wonderful images. Most of us probably love the Engadina valley in its beautiful Indian summer dress the most. It is incredible to shoot special images. Therefore, we also have many workshops happening there.

What gear do you use photography-wise?

Most of us use one or two full-frame bodies including a package of 3-4 lenses from Sony or Nikon. The equipment is usually quite expensive and has to be as lightweight and professional as possible to truly live out our creativity. Many also use a DJI drone to realize special perspectives and videos in the mountains. We all started small and could still produce most of our content with a phone. What is important is that anyone in the business has great creativity, knowledge of light and composition.

How would you describe the Alp Tracks Series?

The ALP TRACKS series is an incredible innovation in the Ski touring sector. The high performance and ultra-light skis are perfect for us while we need to be safe and well equipped in all conditions we encounter in the mountains.