The ultimate winning machine. 

The renown of the MOVEMENT’s skimo / race reference is firmly established. The RACEPRO line positions itself as skis for winners or high-level skiers demanding the best.  


Thanks to MOVEMENT’s savoir-faire and proprietary technologies, this skimo / race line is extremely light and still has incredible versatility. The RACEPRO range is dedicated to the expert ski-touring racers and all other competitors looking for the ultimate weapon. 

Movement Skis - Skimo Skis - Race Pro 77
Movement Skis - Skimo Skis - Race


Multiple winner of major races. 

Yannick Ecoeur, Séverine Pont Combe, William Boffelli, or Thibe Deseyn are among the many racers that showed the full potential of the RACEPRO series in competition. 


And if a prize list was attributed to the RACEPRO, it would hold several records at major skimo races (Patrouille des Glaciers, Torgon Skialpi, Pierra Menta...), as well as several Swiss, European, and world championships titles.  

Movement Skis - Performance Boots - Yann

The PRO boot has a carbon cuff that will satisfy our expert alpinist customer. All aspects of its construction contribute to its high level of performance and lightness. The carbon cuff absorbs high pressure without any compression. In mixed conditions, the pro is a must. In fact, this PRO boot is dedicated to all ski mountaineering competitors as well 

as for high alpine ski mountaineering.  


This model satisfies any skier or guides looking for lightness and safe use. Firstly, our main concern was to work out the best cuff flex with shaft positioning. The result was to have the widest mobility without any constraint. The flexible walking system is optimal without any braking sensation. The closure mechanism is simple and the ski-walking mode switch can be opened or closed with a simple touch. All of this is easily accessible by hand. The PRO liner looks like a sock with some special comfort zone in specific places. The liner can be used with or without heat sensitive foam. Gaiters placed on the top of the boots, guarantee perfect waterproofing in wet or deep snow conditions. 




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