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New year, new skis.

The evolution of lifestyles and the powerful call of nature leads modern skiers to approach skiing in a more adventurous and sporty way. Our 22|23 collection meets this need with a 100% touring friendly offer.

The concretization of the movement, the design.

The design of the 22/23 collection aims for a better conjunction between technology and graphics. The lines dictate the movement and evoke the temperament of each model. Concrete art, a movement largely inspired by Swiss artists, was the natural choice to express this. Concrete art, in the form of a line, a color, a surface, gave birth to the Swiss style in the middle of the 20th century, based on typographic and geometric elements as the principal and structural design elements.


This natural evolution of graphics accompanied the technical progress of our skis and clearly communicates their characteristics. The contrasting opaque brilliance accentuates the visual dynamics of the coloured lines, while the transparent effects reveal the unique craftwork which will come into action under our feet, of course the ultimate goal.


This coherent design based on a non-conformist aesthetic and elegant minimalism reflects Movement’s identity, technical excellence at the service of freedom in the mountains.


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