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Freedom of movement, the spirit.


Since Movement Skis was created in the year 2000, the world has changed, mountains have changed, and skiing has evolved. Driven by a thirst for innovation and an independent production chain, Movement Skis is building the future of skiing. All of today’s models unite freedom of movement with autonomy in the mountains. Skis which adapt to everything, from ski resorts to long-distance ski tours is Movement’s mission. Reliable, versatile and efficient skis that love freedom, skis made for today’s world.

Natural movement, the expertise.

Movement Skis has always followed its own path. Thanks to it’s unique production process, where everything from the first idea to the final construction all happen in it’s own manufacturing plant, and thanks to Swiss technical expertise, Movement has created highly technological skis at the forefront of innovation. This level of research is mirrored by the level of commitment in the mountains, and the need for trustworthy and versatile equipment which that implies, allowing Movement to stay ahead of the evolution of our sport.


The evolution of lifestyles and the powerful call of nature leads modern skiers to approach skiing in a more adventurous and sporty way. Our 22/23 collection meets this need with a 100% touring compatible offer.


Make way for the ride. Sometimes, Movement Skis anticipates the movement. Sometimes,

it embraces it. The important thing is to have good skis.



High mountain skiing was already our main focus before we were even existing. These experienced hands, strong legs, and perceptive brains belong to shapers, athletes, and designers who signed off on designing a long-lasting Swiss quality product a long time ago. The people who are responsible for the design and production now, are the same people who started developing the brand over twenty years ago. This precious knowledge and passion are being maintained by involving the athletes in the design and production process: from drawing desk to a computer and from hand shaping the wood core to molding all the layers. We are and always have been a family and all followers are part of it. 


Looking at how easy MOVEMENT adapted to the big upswing in production possibilities, we tend to forget that MOVEMENT SKIS is one of the pioneers. But those who are looking for an authentic pair of skis with a strong character will find out that these Swiss pioneers never forgot how to reach their goals. Why? Because we are all MOVEMENT. 


It is 1980. Three friends gather in the stable of a small farm close to Lausanne during their free evenings. They share ideas, draw shapes, and eventually built their first snow surfing board called WILD DUCK. It doesn’t take much longer before they start building and developing more of the so-called ‘snowboards’, because in no time everybody wants to have one of these. That they are not allowed in most of the ski resorts doesn’t hold them down. The revolution has begun. 


In the upcoming years, the shapes of the boards change. A steel edge is added around the board and little by little the shapes are getting narrower. The time of carving has arrived. 

And without even knowing it, the three friends behind WILD DUCK accidentally created one of the first carved skis on the market while working on a carved snowboard idea. In combination with a stiff snowboard binding and a classic ski boot, they try to patent the product. Unfortunately, financial resources are not to their advantage and they have to hold on to this skiing adventure a little while longer. 


For twenty years WILD DUCK snowboards have been a successful brand acknowledged all over the world. With its techniques of - the back then, revolutionary - carbon and curved shaped constructions, the trio knew how to progress in production quality and how to comply with the market's demands. And one of these demands was a shift from snowboard to ski when the whole snowboard market crashed in the early 2000s. In the year 2000 MOVEMENT SKIS became a fully functioning and registered label that is determined to make only the best skis for high mountain purposes. 

“Made by experienced hands, tested by strong  legs and developed in perceptive brains.”  

Time is not standing still, neither is Movement.”​

To be continued!




In 2003  , the brand starts to take over Europe and becomes a dedicated Freeski developer. At that time riding powder was getting more popular and people not only wanted to go down but also to go up. A lighter version and also one of the first touring skis were designed and developed with success. From that moment on, MOVEMENT SKIS kept moving forward. The team got bigger, the products more technical and the range of the collection could reach every skiing enthusiast out there. 


The year 2005 marks an important milestone for MOVEMENT. The brand officially acquires its very own production facility, the AST ski factory in Tunisia. With this unique setup, MOVEMENT ensures total production independence and flexibility, boosting the brand’s technological development. From 2005 on, innovations are added every year to ski constructions and materials making MOVEMENT one of the most innovative and advanced specialized ski references.  


Let us shift fast forward to the future: what can we expect from MOVEMENT? They will keep on improving every technology - from production to product - which is connected to the market demands, for example creating a more eco-responsible label.  MOVEMENT knows there is always room for improvement and stays motivated only thinking about what possibilities they have.  

First  "Wild Duck" snowboards

Development of first carving skis

Birth of Movement brand

Development of light skis for touring

Acquisition of own 

production facility

Birth of the FLY (freestyle)

Birth of the ALP TRACKS (freetouring)

Birth of the GO (freeride)

Development of specialized ski boots