We associate our brand with a lifestyle, a way of expressing ourselves through and for the mountains. Whether on the slopes or the most committed faces, our ambassadors are at our side, actors in the development of our products.

The new guard is well present and reinforces the energy and the message we want to convey: Laurent de Martin, Thibault Magnin, and Maxime Chabloz, surrounded by Aurélien Ducroz and the whole team, allow us to make our products evolve, which respects the values we have imposed on ourselves since the birth of MOVEMENT SKIS.



Our ambassadors are first of all a big family. Most of them have been part of the team for many years and help us with the research and development of our skis and all our products. 

Being mountain specialists, they are a source of wealth for Movement by bringing us crucial information for the development of our products. In addition, they represent Movement by providing quality content and engaging in all their various outings in the Swiss Alps.

These ambassadors have been with and representing Movement since its inception. Without them, Movement would not have the same flavor.


It takes great passion and a solid commitment to become a Movement team member. More than a team, we are a family made of strong characters, all bound together by a thrill for the outdoor.  


Some of us are endorphin addicts who live for the uphill effort, some of us are adrenalin junkies who would take any risk, some await the winter season, and the first snowfalls, some can’t wait for the summer to come back and are stuck to wind and swell reports.  


Yet with all these differences, we share a common trait: we are MOVEMENT.