For women only. 

In addition to all ski references being gender-neutral, MOVEMENT has developed some tailored references for women only. Adapted shapes and designs are combined with identical technological features for the best sensations & style.  


Joining the family of women references this year, the AXESS is the ideal choice for any hiker looking for the link between performance, comfort, and safety. The AXESS is the right choice to discover the mountain with another angle. It will undoubtly become a serious ally in the conquest of your first summits.  


The SESSION on the other side is the trusted companion you need at your side for exploration. Primarily designed for touring and freetouring, this ski will adapt to the most challenging terrain and conditions thanks to its unique 5-axis carbon fiber technology. 


Movement Skis - Women Skis - Andrea Powd
Enroll for borderless freedom with the AXESS & SESSION. 
Movement Skis - Women Skis - Alp Tracks.

The ALP TRACKS is MOVEMENT’s high range jewel. This handcrafted ski has is ultra-lightweight. Yet, thanks to a new exclusive proprietary carbon technology it guarantees great skiability with all-time reliability.  


The program of the ALP TRACKS is homogeneous and will satisfy the most demanding skiers seeking excellence above all in high mountain skiing. 


Each step made lighter with the iconic ALP TRACKS. 


Drop in! 

More and more women have been charging engaged freeride lines. To support this trend, MOVEMENT was one of the first ski brands to introduce a freeride ski specifically designed for women freeriders.  


The revised composition of the GO WOMEN features the same titanal power plates and reinforcement as the standard version in an adapted format for women freeriders.  


Traction for your homespot. 

This generation of skis is intended for demanding and sporty skiers searching for a unique ski, able to perform in the most varied conditions in complete safety.  


Featuring the same composition, materials, and technologies as the gender-neutral version, this REVO has a shape tailored to women and is available in 2 widths (82-86) and 6 sizes.  

Movement Skis - Women Skis - Piste Skis.


The ultimate winning machine.

The renown of the MOVEMENT’s skimo / race reference is firmly established. The RACEPRO line positions itself as skis for winners or high-level skiers demanding the best.  


Thanks to MOVEMENT’s savoir-faire and proprietary technologies, this skimo / race line is extremely light (0.61kg to 0.96kg per ski depending on the width) and still has incredible versatility. The RACEPRO range is dedicated to the expert ski-touring racers and all other competitors looking for the ultimate weapon. 

Movement Skis - Women Skis - Skimo.jpg



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