Enroll for borderless freedom with the AXESS. 
Movement Skis - Freetouring Skis - Axess

The new AXESS is part of a new ski concept benefiting from an ultra-modern geometry. We sought to give this family more amplitude in its use by working on a new type of spatula shape, which function is to make the ski even faster in deep or springtime snow while keeping an impressive grip on difficult terrains. Our lightweight 2-axis carbon technology featured in this line allows maintaining an increased versatility in high mountains, where we can easily meet all kinds of conditions related to sudden changes in temperature. 


The AXESS is the ideal choice for any hiker looking for the link between performance, comfort, and safety. The AXESS is the right choice to discover the mountain with another angle. It will undoubtly become a serious ally in the conquest of your first summits.  

Movement Skis - Freeride Skis - Ilir Osm

The SESSION family is one of the most versatile range between the touring and freetouring sector. The five-carbon axes construction evolves and guarantees more comfort, as well as optimal performance in any extreme conditions. Our prime concerns for this ski are lightness, robustness, and power. This range satisfies even the most demanding mountain specialist looking for new sensations.  


A new men’s and women’s 95 mm version is entering the SESSION range, completing henceforth a program 100% optimized. 


The SESSION, a light ski shaped for exploration. 


Each step made lighter with the iconic ALP TRACKS. 
Movement Skis - Freetouring Skis - Alp T

MOVEMENT always wanted to be different and our ALP TRACKS range answers a challenge we addressed a few seasons ago. These exceptional products will only surprise you with their performance and reliability. Our premium ALP TRACKS line has been entirely redesigned with the introduction of a new exclusive carbon complex that guarantees even greater skiability with new levels of weight never been reached.   


This ski, largely handcrafted, is one of the most iconic and sought-after skis on the market. The program is homogeneous and will satisfy the most demanding skiers seeking excellence above all in high mountain skiing.  


In the past few years, MOVEMENT has extended the application of solid expertise gained in touring and freetouring to a line of specialized ski boots. 


Easy functional use, high performance, and comfort were our primary drivers in developing our very own ski boots. Today, we are proud to present our very own range of ski boots, answering enthusiast, and professional demand. 

Movement Skis - Freetouring boots - Free


Our binding range closely follows the market demand and need to equip all our ski range.  


MOVEMENT SKIS has an overall range of precise and specific products, from the Freeski to the mountain sector covering touring and freetouring. The collaboration with MARKER guarantees reliability and security at all levels, tested by professional skiers. 

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Our poles are mainly made in Europe and are developed with a strong concern for quality.  


We selected carbon or high aluminum quality tubes with a blocking system to achieve the desired result: a light product for perfect use in the touring and freetouring sectors.   


We also offer classic poles in different versions, qualities, and diameters, which match our ski offering: all-mountain, race, and touring. 

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To be able to propose the best grade skins, MOVEMENT chose to team up with ski skins specialists such as COLLTEX or POMOCA. 


Today a wide range of ski skins are proposed. From all-rounder references to ultra-specialized race skins we offer a specific ski skin for each of your needs.  



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