Buldoz Invitational - 1st edition

For the first weekend of April, the Buldoz freeski team has organized an event destined to the best freestyle skiers in the world. The goal was to put in competition several teams from all over the world: Norwegians, Swedes, Americans or Finns were present to inspire the future generations.

Buldoz Invitational - Leysin Park - Laurent De Martin - ©Damien Schnorhk

The Buldoz team had concocted a dope program for all the athletes. The modules designed by the Leysin Park team were out of a dream and seduced all the specialists in the discipline. By constantly combining creativity and style, the teams have demonstrated what is the true spirit of Freestyle.

Very inspired by the street culture, the event allowed to realize extraordinary images. The skiers had to jump over fire, follow each other on the modules or create synchronised tricks with the members of their team. The show was there as well as the after party.

As a sponsor of this first edition and to celebrate it all together, Movement set up a Caïpirinha stand for the skiers present in Leysin that day. Music, drinks, and snow, everything was gathered to spend an unforgettable moment surrounded by the international freestyle ski scene.

INTERVIEW - Sampo Vallotton

Explain us what the Buldoz team is?

The Buldoz team (crew) is just a group of friends connected by their passion for skiing. We are a collection of individuals aspiring to have fun on skis. We make videos with our own vision, we don’t really care what people think and just produce movies and content that we are proud of ourselves.

How did you get the idea to create this event?

We have always wanted to make an event that reflects our vision. So we started to organise this event without any big expectations, thinking that it wouldn’t happen at all. We were pretty late as well on the schedule, but everything worked out better than expected!

Buldoz Invitational - Leysin Park - Swiss German Team - ©Damien Schnorhk

How is the Buldoz Invitational different from other freeskiing events? Why did you do it?

The Buldoz invitational is a special event because the goal of it is just to gather people that have somewhat the same vision as we do. We also wanted to organise something we would like to attend ourselves, meeting the expectations of a true invitational. We wanted the riders to pull-up and only worry about skiing.

What was the program?

The program included some soul skiing, shootings, challenges and a team contest. The goal was to create a truly unique format where the goal is not to win, but to enjoy the vibe and the skiing itself. We also awarded the best slam and the most valuable player, without the riders really knowing there was such awards. I think this made the event even more fun, since the skiers just genuinely enjoyed the moment without thinking about winning or getting any prize.

Are you ready for the second edition?

We will certainly have a second edition. Everything worked out super smoothly, thanks to the help of Chris Baer, the shapers and the sponsors. And the riders are already looking forward to it ! See you next year.