Historic day - FWT 22

What an incredible weekend! Our Tribe members Sybille Blanjean and Maxime Chabloz made history on Saturday at the Xtreme Verbier. The two Swiss won this historical stop and cherry on top, Maxime was crowned 2022 World champion and rookie of the year.

Our swiss rider Sybille Blanjean won her first stop on the Freeride World Tour and not just any stop, the Xtreme at her hometown Verbier at only 22 years old. A dream come true for the young local. The Valais skier – who like Maxime Chabloz started at the top of the small bec des Rosses – beat the Norwegian Hedvig Wessel and the Canadian Olivia McNeill.

Freeride World Tour - Xtreme Verbier 2022 - Maxime Chabloz - Sybille Blanjean
FWT - Xtreme Verbier 22 - Maxime Chabloz & Sybille Blanjean - ©Damien Schnorhk

Maxime Chabloz beat two Americans. Ross Tester and Jack Nichols, on the Bec des Rosses in freeride skiing. The Nidwaldo-Vaudois achieved an unbelievable double where he not only won the Xtreme Verbier, the grand finale of the Freeride World Tour, but he also is World Champion. All of this as a rookie!!

We couldn’t be prouder of them! Huge congratulations and we are looking forward to continuing the adventure with them.


Verbier Xtreme Champion and World Champion all of this as a Rookie!! How does it feel?

It feels awesome to be a world champion and Xtreme champion as a rookie. Three wins out of five are pretty insane and yeah definitely super happy and excited for what’s to come.

You bossed the competition this year taking three wins out of five events – did you have a favorite line of the Tour? Which was it and why?

So yeah, taking three wins out of five is unexpected and I’d say my favorite one was probably Verbier or Andorra or Kicking Horse… or I don’t know it’s hard to choose. There were all really different; in Andorra, I was really happy because I did a different line than everyone else with really cool jumps and the judges really liked it. In Kicking Horse, I was happy to land a cork 7 which I had been afraid to try during competition since the last time I tried I crashed, so it was for sure really cool. The backflip in Verbier was out of this world and even personally I don’t know how I hang on to that.

What do you think made you stand out from your opponents?

I think what made me stand out this season is just overall pretty good line choices, for the conditions we had and choosing lines that were skiable. I was really fluid, clean skiing, and controlled while adding a few more tricks than other riders while also lining up featured really well.

Freeride World Tour - Xtreme Verbier 2022 - Maxime Chabloz - Backflip - Winner - Bec des Rosses
FWT - Xtreme Verbier 22 - Maxime Chabloz Backflip - ©Damien Schnorhk

What’s your favorite aspect of being on the FWT?

My favorite aspect is that being part of the FWT is the peak of the sport, it’s where the best of the best are and you can show the whole world your skiing and show that freeriding is a super cool sport so it’s definitely sick to be on tour.

What’s next for you?

Next is going to be the summer season, kiting season so I have a little break now at home where I will try to sink in everything, and then I’ll be heading to the south, to the ocean and the wind.

Freeride World Tour - Xtreme Verbier 2022 - Maxime Chabloz Winner - Movement Skis
FWT - Xtreme Verbier 22 - Maxime Chabloz Podium - ©Damien Schnorhk


First off, a massive congrats on becoming the Verbier Xtreme champion! How does it feel?

Thank you! It feels pretty crazy to be honest. I still can’t really realize, and I don’t know if I will ever realize. The Xtreme Verbier is such a big and important competition in the freeride world and even more for me as a local so winning it is just incredible.

Can you share your thoughts on the pressure to perform?

Yeah so, the days before I was really nervous thinking I was going to participate to this competition, at home so in front of all my friends and family. Skiing in front of that many people really stressed me out because I’m a person that hates when people are looking at me. On top of that the Bec des Rosses is a pretty scary mountain and the snow conditions that we had that day added some more stress. But once I got to the top all the pressure went down and I manage to get in my bubble and just think about my skiing and having fun!

What were your thoughts right before going down the Bec des Rosses?

I was not thinking a lot hahaha I was just telling myself “It’s just skiing, go and have fun and everything is going to be fine”

Freeride World Tour - Xtreme Verbier 2022 - Sybille Blanjean - Winner - Movement Skis
FWT - Xtreme Verbier 22 - Sybille Blanjean's run - ©Damien Schnorhk

Can you share your evolution to skiing on big terrain and joining the FWT?